Service Enterprise Initiative transforms nonprofits to be more effective

CAlogoThe California Volunteers Service Enterprise Initiative (CVSEI) is a social innovation program built on the Service Enterprise concept inspired by Reimagining Service. As a Volunteer Generation Fund program, the Service Enterprise Initiative serves to strengthen the capacity of California nonprofits to fundamentally leverage volunteers and their skills to address community needs while building a sustainable revenue model for Volunteer Centers. Through a comprehensive research-backed assessment, training, consulting, and certification model, nonprofits are uniquely positioned to leverage the time and talent of volunteers, expand program operations and revenues which in turn will allow the nonprofit to realize higher programmatic impact and generate greater operational effectiveness. Simultaneously, selected Volunteer Centers are equipped with the program materials and technical assistance necessary to support these nonprofit Service Enterprise transformations.

Since 2012, seven California Volunteer Centers have piloted the training and consulting curriculum and worked with more than 70 organizations to achieve the Service Enterprise certification. In 2013, the Points of Light began working with California Volunteers to scale this innovation by launching a nationwide Service Enterprise Initiative (SEI). This collaboration will result in a nationwide Service Enterprise certification. By the end of June 2014, at least 180 additional nonprofits will have participated in the initiative as a result of eight California Volunteer Centers and 12 other leading nonprofit organizations in ten other states. This includes the engagement of state commissions and local United Way and HandsOn organizations in Virginia, Illinois, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia.

Learn more about the California Volunteers Service Enterprise Initiative on pg. 67 of Transforming Communities Through Service.