America’s Service Commissions announces new board leadership

September 21, 2016

Rachel Bruns, Deputy Director
Cell: (515) 720-5892


America’s Service Commissions announces new board leadership

ALEXANDRIA, VA – At the 2016 Annual Membership Assembly of the 52 state service commissions in Alexandria, VA, the membership of America’s Service Commissions elected new board officers and executive committee members.

New board members appointed for a three year term include:

  • Patricia L. Chavez – (NM-Southwest Cluster)
  • Liz Darling – (TX-Southwest Cluster)
  • Jeff Mixon – (NC-Southern Cluster)
  • Leslie Silverman – (at-large)

Current board members, re-appointed for a three year term:

• Diana Algra – (MI-North Central)
• Lindsay Dolce – (at-large)
• Adam Lounsbury – (IA- North Central Cluster)
• Chester Spellman – (FL-Southern Cluster)
• LaDawn Stoddard – (UT-Pacific Cluster)

Board members appointed to the executive committee include:

  • Chair, Chester Spellman – (FL-Southern Cluster)
  • First Vice-Chair/Public Policy, Scott McFarland – (IL-North Central Cluster)
  • Second Vice-Chair/Resource Development, Debbie Schuffenhauer – (WA-Pacific Cluster)
  • Treasurer, Amber Martin-Jahn – (NV-Pacific Cluster)
  • Membership, LaDawn Stoddard – (UT-Pacific Cluster)
  • Secretary, Emily Haber – (MA-Atlantic Cluster)

The Membership recognized the board members who completed their terms of service including:

  • Brandon Bodor (at-large)
  • Nicky Goren (at-large)
  • Myung Lee (at-large)
  • David Mallery (MS-Southern Cluster)
  • Bob Shogren – (AZ-Southwest Cluster)

“We are pleased to welcome new board members and executive committee leadership,” said Kaira Esgate, CEO of America’s Service Commissions. “Our organization is dependent on the extraordinary leadership of state service commission staff, commissioners, and partners to guide our work in support of state service commissions throughout the country.


About America’s Service Commissions
America’s Service Commissions is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization representing and promoting the 52 governor-appointed state service commissions across the United States and territories with the mission to advance national service, volunteerism, and the network of state service commissions. State service commissions are governor-appointed public agencies or nonprofit organizations made up of more than 1,110 commissioners, private citizens leading the nation’s service movement and administering 78 percent of the federal AmeriCorps funds to address pressing community needs. Learn more:


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