2015 Outstanding Commission Staff

Beth awardBeth McGuinness, director of programs and innovation at Massachusetts Service Alliance (MSA) was recently announced as the 2015 Outstanding Commission Staff as part of the 2015 Innovation and Leadership Awards at the America’s Service Commissions Annual Reception in Arlington, VA.

as part of the 2015 Innovation & Leadership Awards at the America’s Service Commissions Annual Reception in Arlington, VA.

Beth has been with MSA for more than 14 years, in a variety of roles all related to grantee and program support. She is responsible for new program development and support for a portfolio of 23 AmeriCorps and 17 Commonwealth Corps programs. Under her leadership, MSA developed a multi-step grants process that has led to Massachusetts being highly successful in the national AmeriCorps grant competition.

“Beth is charged with seeking out innovative models of service and supporting replication or growth here in Massachusetts,” said Emily Haber, CEO of MSA. “Beth is working closely with our Springfield College AmeriCorps program on building out a Massachusetts Reading Corps program, starting off in Springfield. Beth is collaborating with the team at the Minnesota Reading Corps, including two trips to Minneapolis, to determine effective growth of the program in Massachusetts.

When Governor Patrick and the Massachusetts legislature established the Commonwealth Corps program in 2007, MSA was charged with developing and implementing the program. Beth utilized her years of experience with AmeriCorps to develop a Massachusetts specific corps-based program that allows for flexibility and the ability for organizations to participate that wouldn’t be eligible for AmeriCorps.

During Beth’s tenure at MSA she has been committed to providing the highest quality support for our programs. She has consistently built a strong program team, where members of her team work well together and support each other’s efforts. She has cultivated and nurtured a strong relationship with CNCS and leads our board’s Program Committee through successful grants processes and reports to the board on program activities.

“We’re pleased to present Beth McGuinness with this honor,” said Kaira Esgate, CEO of America’s Service Commissions. “Beth has nurtured and grown a culture of collaboration across the MSA program team and all of the AmeriCorps Program Directors to grow service in Massachusetts.”


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