AmeriCorps members building the Incline-Tahoe community

parasolThe AmeriCorps State program at the Parasol-Tahoe Community Foundation is currently in its 14th year and has 16 members serving for the 2013-14 year. The 16 members focus on building the Incline-Tahoe community, a community that shows the extreme ends of the socio-economic spectrum. Some of the different activities include: mentoring children in after-school programs to promote grade-level literacy and homework completion; creating programs for teens to encourage greater volunteerism and participation in the community, as well as, encouraging teens to focus on careers and entry into college. Throughout the program year, members receive training in a variety of topics that prepare them for successful careers beyond AmeriCorps. Corps Members have:

  • Collected and distributed over 69,940 pounds of food to 8,550 unduplicated residents;
  • Conducted American Red Cross trainings for 1201 children and certified 86 community residents in disaster preparedness and First Aid and CPR;
  • Presented over 101 healthy nutrition programs, reaching 2739 people;
  • Hosted over 202 environmental education presentations for over 19,776 residents;
  • Facilitated 10 support groups for 75 child victims and witnesses of domestic assault;
  • Completed 30 Lake Tahoe water quality tests;
  • Recruited 18 teens to serve on the first-ever Youth Advisory Council;
  • Presented on domestic violence for 227 community residents;
  • Lead programs for 2173 seniors;
  • Provided 14 trainings to local organizations on the topics of non-profit management, financial management, human resources, and social media;
  • Recruited 2,088 community volunteers who served 19,114 hours; AmeriCorps members themselves served 29,269 volunteer hours

Read more on pg. 60 of Transforming Communities Through Service. 


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