AmeriCorps members combat childhood hunger in Texas

FoodMoveFood on the Move is a mobile feeding program that combats childhood hunger by providing a half million meals to children, targeting youth at low-income apartment sites. Through this program they deliver daily food to over 15,000 children who are not enrolled or involved in any organized summer program. CitySquare’s Food on the Move program began four years ago in collaboration with local apartment communities, AmeriCorps, Texas Department of Agriculture and PepsiCo. Throughout the summer months, Food on the Move operates thirty mobile teams across Dallas, Houston and Austin, with each team rotating among seven sites daily.

Meeting the truck at each site is a mobile team of CitySquare AmeriCorps members. Teams arrive on site fifteen minutes before the mobile food truck to prepare the site and to gather the children. Once the truck arrives, AmeriCorps members assist with food distribution, and as children finish eating, engage them in a minimum of sixty minutes of recreational activity based on the PlayWorks model. For nearly 25 years, Dallas-based nonprofit CitySquare has worked to address the root causes of poverty by providing hunger relief, health services, access to affordable housing, and workforce training and education to those in need. Four years ago, CitySquare launched Food on the Move to specifically combat childhood hunger when school is out of session.

Read more on pg. 58 of Transforming Communities Through Service.


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