AmeriCorps supports grade-level reading proficiency

PrintMinnesota Reading Corps, a strategic initiative of ServeMinnesota, is an early literacy tutoring program that trains and deploys AmeriCorps members to ensure children are on a trajectory to become proficient readers by third grade. Since 2003, Minnesota Reading Corps has helped 100,000 struggling readers, age 3 to grade 3, progress toward reading proficiency by the end of third grade. At its inception, policy makers and literacy experts worked together and designed Minnesota Reading Corps to move the needle on reading proficiency. Reading Corps provides what struggling readers need – individualized, data-driven instruction, one-on-one attention, well-trained tutors coached by onsite literacy experts, interventions delivered with fidelity, and the frequency and duration necessary for student achievement.

The program trains AmeriCorps tutors to work with a daily caseload of students to deliver scripted literacy interventions that are grounded in extensive scientific research. Expert literacy coaches provide ongoing support and robust data toolsets (e.g. dashboards, individual student progress graphs, and one-click reports) that enable Reading Corps tutors, teachers and administrators to analyze literacy progress by student, classroom, school and district, and to use this information to accelerate learning for all students. Because of this data infusion, Reading Corps builds lasting change that ultimately improves literacy instruction system-wide. Struggling students are brought up to grade-level proficiency and schools improve their ability to use data to inform their instruction for all students.

Read more on pg. 44 of Transforming Communitites Through Service.


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