AmeriCorps provides interventions for youth at risk of dropping out

MNYouthSince 1997, the Minnesota Alliance with Youth (the Alliance) has utilized AmeriCorps members on the front line to deliver needed services to youth. Over the past 16 years, the Alliance and its numerous statewide partners have come together to lead the state’s drop-out prevention efforts and work toward a common goal of 90% high school graduation by 2020. The Alliance was recently selected to be the state organizer for Grad Nation, a movement of individuals, organizations, and communities who are working together to end America’s dropout crisis.

The Alliance’s Promise Fellows AmeriCorps program provides targeted and research-based interventions to 6th-10th graders who are at risk of dropping out. Members work in partnership with school staff and community organizations to identify youth who need support using early warning indicators known as the ABCs – Attendance, Behavior, and Core academic skills – at schools that have the highest annual dropout rates. AmeriCorps members implement interventions identified by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) and the National Drop-out Prevention Center as the most effective for re-engaging youth in school and learning including, mentoring, high quality in/out of school activities, academic supports, and service-learning. With its broad-based support network and successful track record in youth development, the Alliance works in partnership with the MDE to raise graduation rates across the state.


Read more on pg. 40 of Transforming Communities Through Service.


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