AmeriCorps responds to educational needs of youth

PASSPartners for After School Success (PASS) is a collaborative, multi-site public/private partnership that provides development programming to middle and high school youth throughout rural and urban Dane County, Wisconsin. PASS responds to the educational needs of youth by placing 35 AmeriCorps members at school and community host sites in predominantly low-income or resource scarce communities.

The goal of PASS is to improve the academic achievement and school engagement of students through positive relationships. PASS volunteers provide
literacy tutoring and academic support through 1:1 literacy tutoring to struggling readers for a minimum of 15 sessions over the course of a school year. Members also provide extensivelearning programs that build social and life skills. PASS builds student skills through a variety of
enrichment activities (art, media, sports, gardening, etc.), recreation and academic support and by aligning enrichment programs with school day learning. Also, PASS seeks to increase youth engagement in community service and volunteer opportunities by using a service-learning model. Members teach youth about community issues, lead them in planning events, and guide them to reflect on their accomplishment.

Read further on page 36 of the Transforming Communities Through Service.



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