AmeriCorps delivers 5 promises to youth in Massachusetts

MassThe Massachusetts Promise Fellowship (MPF) believes that all young people in Massachusetts have a right to the resources that they need to be successful in life, including a caring adult, a safe place, a healthy start, an effective education, and an opportunity to serve. MPF delivers these 5 promises to youth by training 40 emerging leaders who commit one year of AmeriCorps service to support and provide these needed resources to youth throughout Massachusetts. Each year, non-profits, city agencies, and schools from across the state identify out-of-school time initiatives that will meet important needs in their communities and deliver critical youth development services in response to the high school dropout epidemic in Massachusetts. MPF selects corps member projects that are compelling, clearly meet an identified need, and provide members with a high level of project ownership. Forty Corps Members are recruited and placed at these organizations to participate in out-of-school time initiatives that serve young people in grades 4-12 and focus on mentoring, academic enrichment, college and career readiness, social and emotional learning, and service-learning.

Read more on pg. 38 in Transforming Communities Through Service.


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