Mentors help kids higher their achievements

Higher Achievement’s afterschool and summer academic programs provide kids from at-risk communities their best opportunities to succeed in middle school and in life. Since 1975, Higher Achievement has served more than 10,000 youth in the Washington D.C. area, and approximately 520 volunteer mentors commit to working with students each week. In the 2012–2013 grant year, Higher Achievement saw 75% of students increase their reading grades or maintained an A/B average; 75% improved their attendance or maintained fewer than 5 absences; and of their 83 scholars they had that year, 82% of graduates are attending the city’s top high schools.

These outstanding achievements are due to important innovations such as numerous active partners. Higher Achievement’s school partners, for example, provide access to high quality facilities and assist with recruitment and sharing of data. Higher Achievement also has a highly active alumni group. The program has dedicated themselves to further increasing the support offered to their alumni in order to help promote college and career readiness of Higher Achievement scholars. Higher Achievement’s successful model is based on its theory of change, where scholars are showered with numerous academic opportunities. It’s further grounded by a culture of Spirit, Excellence, Respect, and Collaboration. All these elements combine to create a proven and successful program.

Read more about this program’s innovations and secrets to success on pages 32–33 of the Transforming Communities through Service publication.


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