AmeriCorps Members Tutor High School Students

At Clayton State University, AmeriCorps members annually tutor over 200 at-risk high school students in the local school district. After the school district lost its accreditation two years ago, Clayton State University used the AmeriCorps program to support the district. The program impacted the community so much that once accreditation was restored, the program continued in high demand. 78% of the students tutored showed an increase in overall grade average, and of those students, 72% of students’ grades improved by five points or more. In addition to tutoring services, AmeriCorps members also provide a Spring Break College and Career Camp for high school students. This past year CSU Members recruited 160 volunteers, who collectively served over 1,000 hours of service.

The program innovates the system by creating a strong community foundation. The AmeriCorps Program reports that many of its members now work in the school district where they tutored. Also, new AmeriCorps members are often high school students who were once tutored themselves. The program is successful because of how much Clayton University invests in service learning and the high demands for AmeriCorps programs in Clayton County. The community, spanning from the school to the Mayor’s office, understand the importance of the AmeriCorps’ contributions and see the direct impact of the programs.

To learn more about this program, go to pages 26-27 of the Transforming Communities Through Service Publication.


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