Outstanding Service Program Award Recipient

America’s Service Commission launched the Innovation and Leadership Awards in 2003 to commend women, men, and programs for their exceptional contributions to national service and volunteering. The Outstanding Service Program for this award is ColoradoHIPPY.

ColoradoHIPPYAs parents are a child’s first teacher, Colorado HIPPYCorps provides home-based, parent-involved, early learning opportunities to thousands of vulnerable children and families throughout Colorado. They equip them with the critical knowledge, tools, and support needed to prepare their preschool aged children for success in school and beyond. AmeriCorps members conduct weekly one-on-one home meetings with each HIPPY family over the course of a thirty week period and provide monthly group meetings in each of the six HIPPY sites.

The Colorado HIPPYCorps consists of 48 half-time members at six program sites. The demographics of the HIPPY program participants is as follows:  77% of HIPPY children are Hispanic/Latino, 16% are white, and 7% are other. 56% of HIPPY families speak Spanish as their primary language. 99% of the HIPPY families fall below the federal poverty level, and the remaining 1% are low income. More than half of the HIPPY parents have not completed high school.

As of June 2014, 828 children and their families have completed the 30-week HIPPY Program. Members served more than 2,000 disadvantaged children and mentored over 1,800 youth. Over the course of a year, HIPPYCorps members will provide nearly 20,000 home visits to families. Their hard work help prepare children for school, and help parents understand their role as their child’s primary educator.

We commend the ColoradoHIPPY program for its outstanding and exceptional service to their communities. Congratulations and keep up the good work.


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