AmeriCorps members provide technology instruction

CTEP 7 with CarlIn the Community Technology Empowerment Project (CTEP), AmeriCorps members provide technology instruction to improve the computer literacy, and ultimately the employability, of unemployed and underemployed individuals. CTEP serves Minnesota’s Twin Cities metro area and targets individuals who are low-income, newly American and/or living in minority communities, or have disabilities. Full-time members are placed in public computer centers to target the focus areas of economic opportunity and capacity building.

CTEP’s goal for 2013-14 is that 2,000 community members will pass 6,000 assessments, representing a total value of $2.01 million. For the certification element alone, every $1 invested in CTEP returns $2.63 in benefit to the community.

CTEP has been approached by organizations in San Francisco, Denver, Columbus and Austin with requests to promote the partnership model for community technology instruction and capacity building. CTEP is currently exploring a model to replicate the program through an AmeriCorps National Direct grant, as a way to expand programming to these areas.

Read more about the Community Technology Empowerment Project on pg. 16 of the 2014 Edition of Transforming Communities Through Service. 


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