AmeriCorps program in Detroit is saving green

“A decade from now we are confident that students who participated in hands-on sustainability projects, honed their communication and teamwork
skills, served their communities and gained experience in the green economy will become the next generation of green leaders. When given support
and opportunities through D-YES, their potential to foster healthy, sustainable and resilient communities is almost limitless.”
-Bob Chapman, Executive Director WARM Training Center

EcoWorks’ (formerly WARM Training Center) Detroit Youth Energy Squad AmeriCorps Program (D-YES) empowers young people and volunteers to make homes, schools, and neighborhoods more sustainable. Since its founding, D-YES AmeriCorps members have provided intensive environmental leadership training for more than 250 high school students, and engaged an additional 535 K-8 students in hands-on energy-saving projects.

EcoWorks_4CtagCrews of youth and AmeriCorps members have provided energy education and basic weatherization to more than 3,000 low-income Detroit households, generating over $750,000, and 4,200 metric tons of carbon dioxide in the process. In 2012-13, D-YES saved 34 Detroit Public Schools more than $130,000.

Each home visit lasts about two hours and is conducted by teams of AmeriCorps leaders and student crew members. After 80 hours of training and apprenticeship, crews provide an introduction to the program, walk-through assessment of problem areas and savings opportunities, installations of up to 30 energy-saving supplies, and review of the energy bill.

Learn more about the impact Detroit Youth Energy Squad is having on both the environment (and pocket books) in Detroit on pg. 51 of the 2014 Edition of Transforming Communities Through Service.


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