Featured National Service Trainer: Paula Sotnik

Paula Sotnik

Recognized expert, trainer, and author on inclusion, culture brokering, outreach and recruitment strategies, team and partnership development, measurable outcome oriented strategic planning, national service, volunteerism, and disability legislation. Policy knowledge and practice acquired through years of personal experience, educational, and professional life. Current focus is on capacity building and strategic planning with volunteer, national and community service programs and other nonprofits to ensure and enhance culturally responsive systems that fully include all aspects of diversity, including individuals with disabilities. Currently examining how national service can serve as a path to reintegration for Wounded Warriors and Veterans with disabilities.

Training Topics:

Member Orientation & Training Member Recruitment & Retention
Program Management & Training Volunteer Management Competencies
Disability Inclusion Diversity
Grant Writing, Editing, Feedback Strategic Planning
Training and Facilitation Team Development


Paula Sotnik
6 Nate Whipple Hwy, 101
Cumberland, RI 02864

E: paula.sotnik@umb.edu
Ph: (617) 590-6409


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