Meet ASC Board Member: Lindsay Dolce

DolceLindsay Dolce is Executive Director of Serve Colorado, Governor’s Commission on Community Service. Dolce is responsible for overseeing Serve Colorado’s AmeriCorps State programming and and leading Colorado’s Early Literacy Initiative. Previously,
Dolce has served as Senior Program Manager for the David and Laura Merage Foundation, worked as a domestic relations attorney and was a staff member for United States Senator J. Robert Kerrey and President Bill Clinton. Dolce received her B.A. in English, Political Science and International Relations from William Jewell College, studied at Oxford University and received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Missouri at Kansas City.
Lindsay joined the ASC Board of Directors in 2013 and currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Resource Development Committee.
1) How did you get to where you are today?
A lot of hard work! I grew up in the midwest and from a young age I was taught (and still believe) that if you are willing to work hard, anything is possible.
2) What has been your best moment so far serving with your state commission?
The first time a member said “thank you” to me for providing an opportunity that literally changed her life. This young woman had no direction and no family, that all changed when she became a part of an AmeriCorps program and for the first time in her life she found a family and a home. I will never forget her story as I still carry around a piece of paper in my wallet with her name as a reminder of how important our work is to so many people.
3) What advice do you have for others at commissions? Or what is the best advice you’ve received? 
My advice to others is to practice patience, in every aspect of this job.  The best advice I ever received is to find mentors in the world of National Service whom you trust and go to them at your worst and best moments. There are some true sages in this world upon whom I rely regularly…
4) What keeps you motivated?
 Spending time with members who literally inspire me to find solutions to the everyday challenges.
5) In one word what would you describe as your greatest strength?
Tenacity.  (two words = stubborn tenacity)
6) How do you prepare yourself when you know something is going to be controversial or challenging?
I spend some time with my trusted mentors having them pepper me with the tough questions or comments and I overprepare for the situation.  The best preparation requires that you make an effort to think through what the challenges will be and why something will be controversial and then to truly embrace that change and challenge.  It doesn’t mean that  it isn’t sometimes painful but being able to know that the controversy or challenge is not personal is how I ground myself and take on just about any controversy or challenge.
Knowing my boss has my back before I walk into the situation sure does help as well!

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