Camm Morton, Louisiana Commissioner

2013 Innovation & Leadership Finalist
Nominated by Volunteer Louisiana 

Camm Head Shot

“Camm brought abundant business expertise and enthusiasm to the Commission at a critical time following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Camm’s leadership provided much needed support for a Commission facing many challenges: a new Executive Director, a re-constituted board, and regions across Southern Louisiana in need of national service assets following the greatest natural disaster in the history of our country. It was an honor to have him as a Commissioner during my tenure as Executive Director. His love of service helped to raise the profile of volunteerism in Louisiana. His financial management expertise improved the Commission’s ability to get on sound footing and to make wise investments in high-impact programs. I can’t remember one time that Camm said ‘no’ when asked for support or assistance. I know that Volunteer Louisiana is a success today because of his contribution!” – Brooke Smith, former Executive Director of Volunteer Louisiana and current Senior Advisor to New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu

Camm Morton is Owner and Principal of VR Baton Rouge in Baton Rouge, LA, an entrepreneurial partnership of commercial real estate developers and hoteliers with mutual interests in achieving extraordinary results. Camm was appointed to the Volunteer Louisiana Commission in 2007 and brought his business acumen and nonprofit knowledge to benefit the work of national service in Louisiana. He has served on the Governance Committee, as vice chair, as chair for two years, and past chair. He completed two full terms totaling six years on the Commission.

Camm engaged Commissioners on their first-ever Strategic Planning Retreat, resulting in a three-year Strategic Plan. It was his vision to rename the commission from Louisiana Serve to Volunteer Louisiana to more accurately reflect the mission of the organization. Camm’s understanding of finance was crucial, leading Commissioners to make sound decisions when faced with funding cuts that impacted AmeriCorps programs during his tenure as chair. He continues as a volunteer to create a 501c3 nonprofit arm to expand funding opportunities for the commission. Camm was and remains one of the true champions for national service and Volunteer Louisiana.

Camm Morton’s support, thoughtful advice and counsel were invaluable when the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Baton Rouge was developing its strategic initiative requiring an intentional approach to our programming and operations that moved us from outcome-intended to outcome-driven. Camm’s leadership in our community is based on the aphorism “a rising tide lifts all boats.” He is unapologetic for his high standards and expectations. He demands much of himself and those around him. Camm has an uncanny laser focus. He listens, evaluated and then he provides his wisdom. Everyone in the room then thinks, “of course, why they didn’t I think of that.” We value Camm as a friend, confidant and advisor. My organization is strong because of him.” –Van Burkleo, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Baton Rouge

During Camm’s tenure, Volunteer Louisiana passed state legislation to indemnify voluntary organizations serving in response to disaster, including National VOAD. He was part of the organizing committee when Louisiana hosted a Multi-State Commission Institute in New Orleans bringing together Commissioners from the Southwest Cluster. He has attended the AmeriCorps Grantee Meeting Commissioner Institute as well as the National Conference on Volunteering and Service. When NCVS was held in New Orleans, Camm served on the Steering Committee. He participated as an invited panelist at the New Commissioner Institute.

Camm joined the Commission as it was being reconstituted following mass confusion after Hurricane Katrina; many Commissioners either resigned or were never heard from again. It was a difficult time. Camm’s calm demeanor and can-do attitude were an immediate asset to the Commission and he was willing to serve wherever there was a need. He served on the Governance and Bylaws Committees and as vice chair, before being chosen to lead the Commission. He served two years as Commission Chair, and another as past chair. He has the unique talent of being an extraordinary business entrepreneur coupled with extensive nonprofit knowledge and experience. He served on the ad-hoc Bylaws Commission resulting in a bylaws revision to ensure that the Executive Committee could act on behalf of the full Commission in an emergency, thus eliminating the governance issues after Katrina.


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