Tom Devine, Serve Wisconsin

2013 Innovation & Leadership Featured Finalist

ChiefJustice-RachelGraham-TomDevineThomas H. Devine was appointed to the Executive Director position of the Wisconsin National and Community Service Board on May 4, 1998 and a continues to serve in the capacity. Prior to joining the WNCSB, Tom served as Rural Project Director and Deputy Director for Operation Fresh Start for a combination of 19 years. He served two terms on the Sun Prairie school board as the President, Vice President, and as a State and National School Board Association Delegate. Tom holds a BA degree in Psychology and a BA in Sociology from The University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Tom has done an excellent job of leading Serve Wisconsin by addressing challenges and issues with the Corporation in order to improve the national service delivery system. His leadership in guiding the development of the State Service Plan brings the delivery system under the umbrella of increasing the number of volunteers engaged by AmeriCorps programs and other volunteer connector agencies while working to create and support volunteerism as the core focus for the WNCSB. Tom works closely with the Governor’s Office and the Department of Administration to assure the continued financial support of the state commission grant match.” – Anthony Hallman, Board Chair, Serve Wisconsin

Tom has promoted the creation of Volunteer Wisconsin through the Volunteer Generation Fund Grant which supports the engagement of faith-based entities, volunteer connector agencies, disaster response organizations, and national service providers. The VGF grant has developed the Volunteer Connection as the electronic internet connector of volunteers with volunteer opportunities. Other innovative action that Tom has provided include supporting Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee’s Reimagining Service conference which included David Eisner as a keynote speaker and reviewing with the board the process of Collective Impact and how it is an important aspect of national service in the future.

Tom has encouraged communication, cooperation, coordination and collaboration at the local level as a community capacity development strategy to strengthen local communities. This primary focus on local relationships provides opportunities for dialogue among volunteer agencies, disaster response organizations, schools and national service providers. He has participated in Milwaukee Public School District meetings for all national service programs serving the district as a way of connecting members and programs by enhancing awareness of member placement sites throughout the district. Tom continues to promote collaborative efforts leading towards meaningful collective impact results and supports an evidenced based delivery system that recognizes and shares best practices and evolving methods that contribute to community solutions by applying demonstrable results.


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