John Danzeisen, Delaware Commissioner

2013 Innovation & Leadership Featured Finalist

Nominated by Serve Delaware

johndanzeisen“John is a great mentor to new commissioners and allows people to work on improving rather than jumping in and doing it for him. These are often the people we forget to recognize because they never demand personal attention but this is exactly how John deserves to be recognized.” – Jeff Lank, Commissioner, Delaware Commission on Community & Volunteer Service

John Danzeisen has been on the Delaware Commission for five years, just now in his final term of service. He has been a willing commissioner of any duty or assignment. He has served in various roles including as Vice Chair and as a Chair. He comes from the business sector of the northern part of our state, but that had no limitation on his ability to have near perfect attendance at any meeting or event regardless of the location.

There is no better champion of the commission mission. John helped create the last two state plans and always ensured we were directly in line with the national plan. He helped ensure our state went from a struggling commission to a very well organized operation. He restructured our roles to better meet the demands of our mission and has been a mentor for all along the way.

As mentioned before, John has done any position and role requested. This has been primarily for the state but not limited to such. Even before John was our commission chairman he would attend national and regional events to gain experience on what other state commissions were doing. He would bring the results back and present to the commissioners so that we could work toward a best practice.

John has been a driver in 100% of the policies we have updated, incorporated or dissolved since he joined the commission. As mentioned he brought forth a strong business background and an alternative perspective which has been instrumental in driving stronger policies that provide better commission management. In addition to changing policies, John helped drive the last state plan of actions either from a management role or as a committee member. He never stopped helping guide our policy and governance even after his formal role of Chairman expired. He is the role model for all commissioners to follow.


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