Greetings State Service Commission Family:

Let me begin by stating how thrilled and excited I am to serve as the Chairman of America’s Service Commissions. While I understand that times are difficult for many of our states and Commissions, these are also exciting times for national service and volunteerism. It is our chance to seize the momentum of the Serve America Act and maximize citizen engagement to address the overwhelming needs in communities across America!

To give us a framework for the coming year, I drafted some priorities for all of us to consider with great input from ASC members and staff. Please take a moment to read through this list and let us know what is most important to you and what other initiatives or ideas you wish to add.

ASC Priorities for 2010-2011

Serve as a strong partner to CNCS

  •  Hold at least two “check in” meetings a year with Patrick Corvington and senior members of his team and provide feedback to CNCS at least annually.
  • Invite CEO Corvington and CNCS Board members to attend State Commission meetings. 
  • Propose transition letter from Corvington to new Governors in early 2011. 
  • Provide feedback on proposed Rules, strategic plans, policies and programming.

Remain committed to ASC members 

  • Promote member benefits. 
  • Seek input. 
  • Communicate valuable information. 
  • Support fellow Commission Executive Directors as Governors change and new Directors are welcomed and current Directors need support in transitioning to new ventures. 
  • Support a peer-to-peer network that contributes to the professional development of Commission staff and provides support to Commission staff in administering training and technical assistance to AmeriCorps sub-grantees, based on the interests expressed by State Commissions.

Grow the capacity of ASC to foster a continued thriving association 

  • ASC Board members will support resource development for the association.

Build local support for National Service and volunteerism 

  • Where possible, work with local leaders in communities of need to see service as a strategy for addressing local needs. 
  • Encourage State Commission support of Cities of Service and other local initiatives to build upon service strategy.

Expand national partnerships in service 

  • Strengthen current partnerships with Points of Light Institute, AARP, Civic Ventures, AmeriCorps Alums and the Corps Network. 
  • Explore potential partnerships with IBM’s Service Jam, Marriott’s Spirit to Serve program, and Keep America Beautiful just to share some examples.

Promote volunteer and donations management for disasters in national response framework 

  • Continue high-level engagement of federal, state and local partners.

Collaborate with all streams of National Service and volunteerism

  • Take a stronger lead role and engaging programs at all levels.

Thank you!

Wendy Spencer
America’s Service Commissions


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